Head of Next Generation Tobacco Products at Geometry Global London

"I have been thoroughly impressed not only by Helene's professionalism and natural ability as a teacher but by how thoroughly enjoyable she manages to make learning a language."

I have been a pupil of Helene’s for over 8 months now and last year I had the opportunity of attending one of her Live French immersion courses. I have been thoroughly impressed not only by Helene’s professionalism and natural ability as a teacher but by how thoroughly enjoyable she manages to make learning a language. Having studied languages at school, at night school and even at university (a very long time ago) I can honestly say that I have never experienced a better teacher of a foreign language. Helene immediately puts you at ease, she is patient and easy going and is brilliant at explaining the somewhat baffling rules of french grammar in a simple way. Above all you feel she believes in you and is passionate about helping you to improve. After a course of lessons with her my comprehension is significantly better and I feel much more confident when speaking, which is what I most wanted to achieve. If you want to learn french then I would highly recommend working with Helene particularly on one of her immersion courses where I feel like I improved way more in 5 days than I have done in months with other teachers. If you are even only slightly considering doing a Live French immersion course my advice would be « book it now » – you will not regret it. It is a truly unique experience and one that you will remember for ever.

Senior Auditor, Lafarge

Senior Auditor, Lafarge

"This French Immersion was a great, enriching experience for me! It was an excellent “melange” of learning the language (vocabulary & grammar) with discovering and understanding the French culture"

« A dive into a 100% French environment: meeting, dining, debating, joking with different people in various places. And all this with the support of a dedicated, professional and funny teacher. I believe this training is best suitable for individuals having already some basic French knowledge.

How did the immersion help me? The most important, I’ve started to effectively speak French. Furthermore, it has helped me using the correct grammar structure and utilizing proper words during conversations. Last, but equally important, it helped me keeping up the incredible speed some French guys have when talking… »

Supply Chain Consultant, L’Oréal

"The Cognac sipped on the chateau tours lowers your defences and, before you know it, you’re using the subjunctive with ease."

The grammar tuition is rendered painless by Hélène’s easy style and the opportunity to get to know a wide range of people from a variety of backgrounds improves your confidence and fluency.

Warehouse flows technical expert, L’Oréal

"The intensive French course in Charente was a great balance of language and cultural training and good fun too"

« We spent time looking around the historical sites of Angouleme, the old towns, distilleries, and grape vines of the Cognac region, as well as some intensive grammar and language exercises. At the beginning of the week I was still feeling quite uncomfortable with speaking French day to day, particularly after only a couple of months in France. So early on, it was certainly hard work and even frustrating at times, but Helene really helped to build my confidence and answered my more difficult questions without problem. It was very tiring too, my brain was working like it’s never worked before, and I was always very glad to fall asleep each night!

The week finished with my presenting some of the things that I had seen during the week, some of it relatively technical, so pushing me to develop my language skills. Certainly the following Monday back at work, all my colleagues commented on the improvements I’d made, but most of all it gave me the confidence to talk (and hence improve).

Finally it was fun too, with pleasant dinners in nice restaurants, and friendly conversations with the friends and colleagues of Helene. The accommodation was good, and the activities well planned. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and if you work hard the benefits will show themselves very quickly indeed! »

Training Program Manager,
Lafarge University

"Ideally suited to my learning style."

« Practical, variety of activities, a blend of learning each day, grammar, vocabulary & practical application, good to learn about French culture and history too. Primarily FUN! »

Chief executive officer, PSA

"My educational and cultural experience in Angoulême was extremely rich. The learning process takes place in a friendly and stressless atmosphere, which leads to quicker and more solid results."

Financial Analysis Manager,
Bristol-Myers Squibb

"Helene’s immersion course was great! It was really great to have the opportunity to not only learn French but also to learn about French culture and local traditions."

« The accomodations were fantastic and the owners went out of their way to make my stay perfect and to help me improve my French. I really enjoyed my weeklong course and highly recommend it. »

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