More than a French immersion course 

A unique journey through French language and culture…

Live French is a partnership between Hélène, an experienced French Coach, born in Angoulême, and a group of local professionals in the French Cognac region (or in Paris). We organize personalized French immersion courses that use France’s rich cultural and gastronomic heritage to give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge of French to real life situations through cultural activities.

Hélène, your Coach for the duration of the visit is a professional language Coach with a Masters in linguistics, culture and training. For the past 15 years, Hélène has been introducing students and professionals to the French language in offices, university classrooms and real-life settings in France and in the US.  She lives and works in Paris as a Coach & Translator for big international companies.

During the course of your visit in Cognac, you will meet distillers and wine growers, all keen on sharing with you their passion for the ‘terroir’ and the secrets and traditions that make Cognac the most sought after brandy in the world.

To recover from the rigours of a day spent studying (and tasting Cognac!), and to discover the other highlights of the region, we also arrange for you to meet a number of local families whose warm welcome will make you want to plan a return trip to this delightful corner of France.

A French immersion course with a unique teaching approach : efficient and fun !

Who are our clients?

Our learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The one thing that links them is a desire to rapidly improve their French proficiency and their understanding of French culture in order to meet their personal or professional needs.