Looking to “live” the language in an authentic setting and in a rich social environment in order to adapt to all kinds of linguistic situations?

“Live French’s” personalized French immersion courses will help anyone:

  • whose language performance needs a rapid boost
  • wanting to challenge their French skills
  • interested in becoming more attuned to the subtleties of French culture


Our total immersion courses can cater for up to 5 people at a time, depending on your individual needs and budget, and we offer the flexibility of a personalised program to meet your particular requirements. Each course combines ‘traditional’ language sessions and a cultural theme chosen by the learner to give a total of around 10 hours of work and contact with the language per day in an optimal learning environment and relaxed atmosphere.

Beginner/intermediate level:

Learn to communicate in everyday situations (hotel, restaurant, transportation, bakery…) through role plays first, then in real situations.

  • Make phone calls
  • Conversation/ Socializing
  • Write/ understand a text
  • + Grammar and self-study

Intermediate/advanced level:

Choose a cultural topic which will be the main thread for the week and enable the learners to:

  • Practice French in real situations
  • Make phone calls
  • Interviews
  • Read documents
  • Write a report
  • Do a presentation
  • + Grammar and self-study


Language Sessions

The ‘traditional’ language session is suitable for all ability levels and, aided by a pre-course assessment, Hélène will work with you to determine your ideal course profile, taking your objectives and preferred learning strategies into account. During the visit, Hélène will use a variety of exercises and role plays to develop your French proficiency and “language reflexes” before moving on to try-out your new skills in real-life situations during the afternoon. You will then feel the difference!

Cultural Theme

Each immersion is based on a cultural theme selected by you. Whether you are interested in history, architecture, gastronomy or Cognac, we will be able to put together a course that will motivate you to learn the French skills necessary to discover more about your chosen subject.


A Typical Day

After breakfast with your tutor, you may correct some grammar exercises from the previous day before spending the morning working on role-plays, conversations and vocabulary specifically targeted to your needs.

Lunch with Hélène at a local restaurant will give you the opportunity to sample some of the region’s dishes and discuss the details of the afternoon’s visit. Everyday you can explore a different aspect of your chosen cultural theme through cultural activities, interviews with local experts, visits to important sites or museums, access to a variety of media sources and, for those following a gastronomic theme, the chance to meet local producers. Hélène will be on hand to provide linguistic and cultural feedback but the agenda for the afternoon is up to you !

Depending on the time, and on your energy levels (!), the evenings will either be free for you to relax and work on your exercises or you will have the opportunity to dine with a French family…something that few foreign visitors are able to do.


Your Role

While we believe that a one-on-one personalized language immersion course is the best way to improve your French performance, it is not a passive method. We strongly recommend that all learners arrive ready to throw themselves into the course and give 100%. Give us your complete attention and energy for the duration of the course and we guarantee that you will progress.

Whether you love history, architecture, picturesque strolls, gourmet foods or good wine, come discover the beauty of France’s Cognac region while getting a healthy dose of French language training and exciting cultural discoveries !

A rich and unforgettable adventure awaits you !