More than a French immersion course, a unique journey through French language and culture

Live French is dedicated to people who desire to rapidly improve their French proficiency and their understanding of French culture in order to meet their professional and personal needs.

Personalized French immersion courses

Practice French in a friendly atmosphere. Suitable for all ability levels in order to test and improve your French proficiency rapidly and effectively.

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A nice choice of cultural activities

I will help you to learn and live the language in an authentic setting and in a rich social environment in order to adapt to all kinds of linguistic situations.

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A typical warm and friendly setting

Practice French in a relaxed atmosphere for an optimal learning environment. Come and live the French way!

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Live French clients

My clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The one thing that links them is a desire to rapidly and successfully improve their French proficiency and their understanding of French culture in order to meet their personal or professional needs.

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